The Next Chapter

Hello! My name is Hunter, and I am a film director, writer, and aspiring entrepreneur.

I’m on a mission to impact people’s lives for the better through filmmaking, which I like to sum up in three words: Stories Changing Lives.

This is an ethos I live and breathe, and it is the motto of Breaking Jar, the film production company I founded in 2020.

Breaking Jar produces original stories in films and media for audiences worldwide. Every story we make comes from a place of real human experience, expressing something raw and honest, authentic and relatable, in a way that is compelling, encouraging, and inspiring for every viewer.

Have you ever watched a film that stayed with you? A music video that made you feel something? A fictional character you connected with? A TV show that got you thinking, changed your perspective, or just cheered you up during a difficult time?

Those are the kind of stories we make! Stories Changing Lives.

Since founding Breaking Jar, I’ve been setting things up behind the scenes, building a vehicle that can take us forward. Last month saw the successful release of our first proper short film, Paxford! Now, I’m looking ahead to what comes next…

I’ve realised that this is definitely not something I can do on my own. After all, it is the people who will be impacted by these films that are who I do it for, and the more closely I can keep in touch with these people, the better – and that includes you!

We have a free mailing list through which I can send you email updates, and I’ll soon be sharing some big news on exactly where we’re at and what comes next for Breaking Jar. I’d love to have you on that list!

Ready to join the adventure? All we need is your favourite email address, right here:

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Thank you for being a part of this journey! Here’s to many more Stories Changing Lives – look out for my next email soon on how you can get involved!


Hunter Boydell – Filmmaker, Founder of Breaking Jar Ltd

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