Hunter Boydell

Hunter founded Breaking Jar in 2020 with a clear vision of changing lives for the better through storytelling. As Managing Director, Hunter makes sure that every story we produce has the potential to impact people positively, by dealing with real human issues in a truthful and compelling way, to facilitate self-awareness and catalyse growth, healing, and hope.

At the University of St Andrews (UK), Hunter contributed to a reinvigoration of the student filmmaking scene from 2017 to 2021. In this time, he wrote and directed several short films, the most major being Sweet Cicely (2020), a 25-minute original film conceived by Hunter and produced by a whole team of students over the course of a year. He also presented a workshop on directing for members of the university Filmmakers’ Society, and took the lead on a range of projects and initiatives enhancing the lives of students.

Hunter’s ambitious productions have seen him collaborate with a lot of fellow artists and creators, bringing stories to life together. Below are a few words from some of the people who have worked with Hunter.

‘I have been extremely privileged to work with Hunter Boydell on a number of film projects throughout our university careers. We worked together on two short films, The Perfect Story (2017) and Sweet Cicely (2020), as well as an improvised comedy series named The Nut Case (2018-2019). Hunter has always been a joy to work with, showing extreme commitment to all three of these productions and a deep insight in the mechanics of filmmaking. Some of the qualities he displays are; strong leadership, a compassion for all those involved in production, an ability to compromise and incorporate differing points of view, an impressive ability to delegate responsibility as well as performing an adept supervisory role, and most importantly, a deep seated passion for film and its making. Hunter is a person who throws all of his time, effort, mind and interest into a project which produces both an engaging production process and a strong finished product. He has a commanding, but at the same moment warm presence on and off set that immediately puts one at ease, ensuring he has both conviction and humility. I am truly thankful to know Hunter as a colleague and friend and look forward to the film projects he embarks on in the future.

— Joshua Mendelson

‘In every creative pursuit which Hunter undertakes his relentless energy, optimism and positivity shines through from the beginning to the very end. In the case of Sweet Cicely, I worked under Hunter who was Director, as his Director of Photography. Hunter was responsible for and extremely proactive at bringing together a highly dedicated team of students on both production and acting. Hunter succeeded in establishing an environment in which creative ideas could flourish, with all voices being heard and ultimately contributing to his overall creative vision for the project. Having developed the story from his own conception, Hunter maintained good control and clarity in how he saw the project panning out, whilst also being open to suggestions. On set Hunter is a joy to work with, the mood was always elevated even if conditions for filming weren’t the best, Hunter always fostered a positive atmosphere for the entire group – his people management skills are excellent and something which comes naturally to him. Anybody who meets Hunter will realise quickly that he’s a wonderful person to spend time around.

— Ben Markey

‘Sweet Cicely was a fantastic experience from start to finish. It was my first experience working in front of a camera, introducing me to the various differences between stage and screen acting. I was incredibly impressed by everyone’s contributions to the project, and especially by Hunter’s infectious optimism, drive and whole-hearted commitment to it. This helped give me the self-belief necessary to attempt my first orchestral score. Ultimately, what I’m most grateful for is the team’s encouragement and positivity throughout the project, but also for the space Hunter granted me to express myself both musically and through my acting – an investment of trust which hopefully paid off!

— Timo Marchant


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