A man gets out of prison after serving time for corruption, only to be given his next assignment. As he makes a series of phone calls to colleagues and loved ones, he realises how much this line of work is costing him and his family, causing him to reassess his options. An experimental short film by Hunter Boydell.

During a nationwide lockdown that seemed to drag on and on, I was desperate to get to work on a new film project, but being stuck at home, I was very restricted in terms of access to people, resources, equipment, or locations! So, I set myself the challenge of telling a story anywaysolo, in one place, in one day, mostly improvised, using only what I had available. The result is a little rough around the edges, yet it delivers a meaningful story with a rawness and honesty which I hope will resonate with you.

This film has not been publicly released anywhere else, but is now available to watch privately here on our website!


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